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ATM Waterproof Service

Providing waterproof equipment design and installation service for ATM. Our service help to prevent the ATM failure caused by water and rain.

We have service experience with many brands of ATM.

Contact us to protect your ATM !!!

On-site Services

Providing  Installation / Corrective and Preventive maintenance services for IT & computer equipment,  Network , electronic devices , ATM ,  CDM ,  PUM  at the installed location in accordance with the SLA between the company and the customer


After sale service/ Maintenance Contract

We offer comprehensive maintenance contracts for  IT & computer equipment, Network , electronic devices , ATM ,  CDM ,  PUM

Repair Parts Service

Repair IT & computer equipment, Network , electronic devices , ATM , CDM ,PUM including all spare parts and transportation with repair warranty.



Assembly parts of IT & computer equipment , Network ,  electronic devices ,  ATM , CDM ,PUM and testing whole system to make sure the machine will work properly before installed

Repair ATM cash Cassettes

Repair and PM ATM cassette at cash center.

Our service help to reduces the logistic cost of sending ATM cassettes back to headquarters and prevent ATM downtime caused by cassettes defected.

ATM cassette1.jpg
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